Paper packaging has become the ideal eco-friendly solution to protect our environment from plastic and its carbon footprint, especially when the paper is recyclable.

Al Fayrouz Paper works in converting and cutting paper from a sustainability perspective. We understand that there is only one planet Earth; that is why we bring to the market all types of printing and packaging papers in different sizes and suitable for various applications.

Working with our wealthy range of clients, we have noticed that many businesses are now switching to paper instead of plastic because it generally does not pose such a threat to the planet.

Unlike plastic, paper is perfect for your brand as it is cost-effective, great for print and design, the best for extended storage, recyclable, sustainable, and can be reusable.

Whatever kind of paper you need, you can find it at Al Fayruz Paper. Our main goal is to best fit the needs of our valued clients while protecting the environment. We strive to protect our planet through continuous innovation to help preserve the communities we serve.

Al Fayrouz Paper exists to offer the best-in-class sustainable printing and packaging papers in the Egyptian market to meet the needs of your business while making our world a much more safe and healthy place.